Website still on dev. stage
Q1 2018


Idea of Bittrader ( Exchange ) and ( TRD COIN )

Q4 2018


1. ICO website development
2. ICO Platform launching with full solutions
3. Pre-sales opening (ICO FAIL)
4. Writing of the detailed whitepaper and publication V.1.0
5. Test works on mining, web wallet, explorer
6. Wallet development and launching - Linux, Windows, MacOSX

Q1 2019


Some positions can delay because ICO was FAIL but we work hard to completed our mission.
1. Bittrader exchange platform development and launching (completed)
2. Presentation video development (pending)
3. IOS and Android wallet development (pending)
4. KYC registration and licensing. (pending)
5. Coming more New Team members. Professional IT specialists, and blockhain specialists. (pending)
6. TRD Team conference at Latvia. Information will be provided. (pending)
7.Analyzing how to keep price high at market. (pending)
8. Whitepaper V2.0 (pending)
9. List TRD 5 largests Exchange platforms ( if received softcap (FAIL ICO so we can delay with listings!) and Bittrader platform. ( 22% completed )
10. Listed in coinmarketcap ,coingecko ,cryptocompare and more.. ( 33% completed)

Q2 2019


1. Bittrader Exchange security upgrade and modernization.
2. Start development automatized web bank for Business vendors. Presentation and updates will be provided.
3. Investing in marketing
4. Start development app and web integration platform for business vendors to can accepted payments from customers.
5. List TRD 7 exchange platforms.

Q3 2019


1. Accepting FIAT in Bittrader exchange.(canceled) KYC registration be required.
2. Team conference. Talking about launching TRD Masternodes and TRD modernization - security.
3. Expected do upgrade in blockhain Fork.
4. Expected buy first own hotel in Latvia where will be accepted TRD and calling BITTRADER HOTEL. Presentation and updates will be provided.

Q3-Q4 2019


1. Finish app and web integration coding and testing
2. Finish dev. automatized web bank for Business vendors and get firsts vendors accepting TRD.
3. Start development app TAXi TRD and launching . Customer can pay for ride with TRD and FIAT money. Taxi drivers received FIAT.
4. Expected build largest in Baltic self storage.
4. Open taxi company in Latvia calling TRD TAXI . On future in other countries

2018 2019


1. Bittrader Bank card linked with Bittrader bank
2. We provide coming soon more information about future mission.


About TRD Coin

Bittrader Hotel In the future, we expect to own the first hotel in Latvia where TRD will be the accepted means of currency. It will be called the BITTRADER HOTEL and known as the first hotel in Latvia where cryptocurrency will be used as the legal means of payment.

Taxi TRD We are currently developing a mobile app called the TAXI TRD and it will be launched sometime in the near future. With the Taxi TRD app, customers can easily pay for their ride using TRD cryptocurrency and FIAT money. Taxi drivers will be also be paid in FIAT money.

The Bittrader Bank Card The Bittrader bank card is another development that we will be rolling out anytime soon. The card will be linked with the Bittrader bank and enable transactions to be completed easily and seamlessly.p>


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Hotel Bittrader

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